20 feb. 2009

Social Media Metrics

Activity Metrics
        Unique visitors
        Posts (ideas/threads)
        Number of groups (networks/forums)
        Comments & Trackbacks
        Time spent on site
        Active contributors
        Word count
        Completed profiles
        Connections (between members)
        Ratios: Member to contributor; Posts to comments; Completed profiles to posts
        Periods: By day, week, month, year
        Frequency: of visits, posts, comments

Survey Metrics
        Quality and speed of issue resolution
        Referral likelihood
        Relevance of content, connections

ROI Measurements
        Cost per number of engaged prospects (community vs. other initiatives)
        Number of leads/period
        Number of qualified leads/period
        Ratio of qualified to non-qualified leads
        Cost of lead
        Time to qualified lead
        Lead conversion
        Number of pre-sales reference calls (to other customers)
        Average new revenue per customer
        Lifetime value of customers
        Customer Support
        Customer satisfaction
        Number of initiated support tickets per customer per period
        Support cost per customer in community
        Product Development
        Number of new product ideas
        % of ideas from customers/prospects/community
        Idea to development initiation cycle time
        Revenue/Adoption rate of new products from community vs. traditional sources


        Retention/Employee turn over
        Time to hire
        Prospect identification cost
        Prospect to hire conversion rate
        Hiring cost
        Training cost
        Time to acclimation for new employees

Individual Metrics

        New 'friends' after 30/60/90 days
        Number of friends met online that users have met offline
        Number of friends met online that member has subsequently collaborated with
        Number of ideas that the user has gotten and then used in their work

General Internet Tracking (outside of enterprise-sponsored communities)
        Net Promoter Score 
        Meme Lifecycle
        Number of mentions (tracked via web or blog search engines)
        Positive/Negative listing ratios on major search engines